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Currently servicing some of the most prominent and reputable institutions in Philadelphia, surrounding counties and Delaware.

Apex Elevator Inspection & Testing, LLC was founded for the purpose of providing highly specialized elevator inspection services. Our inspection team on an average has 20 years of experience in the elevator industry with backgrounds in vertical transportation inspection, maintenance and construction of elevators. All of our inspectors are QEI certified with National Association of Elevator Safety Authority (NAESA). Our inspection professional possess the education, training and experience necessary to ensure Code compliance with Jurisdictional requirements.

We only use our employees! Therefore; all Apex inspectors will be uniformed, fully licensed and fully insured. All inspections will be performed at proper intervals as mandated by the local jurisdiction. We shall coordinate all the visits with the point of contact at each building to schedule a convenient time and help avoid any inconvenience. We generally initiate the process of scheduling all periodic tests with your elevator maintenance company three months prior to due dates.

As your “Third Party Inspection Agency”, Apex works in conjunction with state and federal jurisdictions to meet inspection and or test schedules and timely submittal of required reports to ensure clients remain compliant with the mandatory frequency of code-required inspections to maintain good standing.

Apex performs contract elevator inspection services with Commercial Property Management Companies, Local Government jurisdictions, GSA, Healthcare institutions, Hospitality Management Companies, Schools, Colleges and Universities. We are proud to provide these services for some of the most prominent and reputable entities in the greater Philadelphia area.

  • Semiannual Inspections required by local code.
  • Witnessing all periodic tests required by local code.
  • Final acceptance (where required by the local authority having jurisdiction)
  • Insurance, Due Diligence, Maintenance Audit

Elevator Consulting Services

Headquartered in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, Apex Elevator Inspection & Testing, LLC. offers vertical transportation consulting expertise nationwide. Elevator Consulting Services, Inc. specializes in providing building owners, property managers, physical plant administrators, engineers and architects with professional services for elevator and escalator products and services.

As an independent consulting firm, Apex provides services on new and existing projects where expertise in elevator and escalator systems is required. All areas of a project are provided with totally objective engineering, evaluation and experience.

Each facility constantly confronts concerns about the upkeep, maintenance, improvement and/or even replacement of any particular elevator. Over the years, clients have communicated to us that they are not certain how best to spend the funds that may be available for an elevator. They are not certain as to the quality of the elevator maintenance/repair they are receiving, nor of the quality of the contract with a particular elevator company. They are most times not prepared to make a decision that affects the future of the elevator equipment. This may result in extra time as well as money spent without the proper return. Our consulting report would arm you with all the information you need in order to make intelligent, cost effective decisions about your elevators.

The following is intended to give you an outline of what would be included in the consulting report for the elevators at your facility. The information that will be included in each report will be all of the following but not limited to the outline. There will be one report for each elevator and each report will be bound.

History of
Make, model, serial numbers (when available), manufacturer, all original specifications; dates and types of any/all modernizations; dates and types of any/all major improvements, etc.
General Condition of Equipment
Each piece of equipment will be itemized, explained and described in detail as to its present condition. This will include but not be limited to: controller, car, motor/generator, hoistway, all hoistway doors and related hardware, all car doors and related hardware, guide rails, cables, governor, sheaves, wiring, disconnect, all safety devices, etc.
Performance and Operating Characteristics
This will include but not be limited to: door times, door speeds, elevator response times to all calls, trafficking, door closing speed, door closing pressure, leveling, operating temperatures, etc.

Current Maintenance
This will be a thorough evaluation of the current state of maintenance of said elevator. This evaluation will include but not be limited to what the maintenance provides, what the maintenance lacks, where improvement may be needed, etc.
Life Expectancy of
This will include the original life expectancy of each major component and the estimated remaining life.
This will be of particular value to your facility in making future decisions concerning the building’s elevator(s). The conclusions drawn will be very specific.

This will be our recommendations about what needs to be: replaced, improved, changed, modernized, renewed etc.



Other Services

Apex Elevator Inspection & Testing, LLC is specialized in elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, and handicap lift systems. Our firm is totally independent, having no affiliation with any industry contractor or developer. We handle all aspects of Division 14 or AIA Building Specifications for the benefit of protecting and enhancing the asset value of the owner. Elevator Consulting Services are compliance specialists for maintenance contracts, specifications and performance issues.

  • New installation specifications.
  • New maintenance agreements, specifications, contracts to optimize asset value.
  • Modernization specifications
  • Design criteria
  • Invoices, Repair Work
  • Contracts
  • Progress Management of ongoing projects
  • Maintenance Audit
  • Equipment performance and efficiency evaluation
  • General Assistance with Vertical Transportation related issues
  • National Codes A17.1, A17.2 , A17.3 , A18.1 and QEI
  • Individual State Amendments Code
  • Bid Specifications
  • Bid Analysis
  • Progress Meetings
  • Progress Inspections
  • Turnover Inspections
  • Warranty Inspections
Committed to Providing the Best Services Possible.