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Are elevators and escalators required to be inspected?

Yes! In most jurisdictions, in order for the certificate of operation to remain enforce/renewed, all elevators, escalators, moving walks, wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters must be inspected by a certified QEI inspector and all periodic tests must be witnessed by a certified QEI inspector at proper intervals.

In Pennsylvania upon completion of an inspection or witnessing a periodic test, all reports are sent to the Department of Labor and Industry, Elevator Division and the building receives a copy of the same report.  Additional copies are archived at our office and may be provided upon request!

Additional information may be found at http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/034/chapter405/chap405toc.html

Who is responsible to issue a current Certificate of Operation?

In Pennsylvania the Department of Labor and Industry, Elevator Division is responsible for issuing new certificate of operation.  You may email all your requests to elevators@pa.gov

When acquiring a new building you are to notify the department of the change so a new certificate under proper name and address may be issued.  Our staff is available to provide any assistance during this process.

Depending on your jurisdiction, this process may differ.

What to do with a violation or deficiency?

If the inspection produces a violation, you may pass it on to your elevator maintenance company to get it corrected.  In most cases, no follow up inspection is required unless otherwise requested by the building owner or the “AHJ”.  Some Authorities having jurisdictions may require a permit depending on the nature of the repairs or alterations.

What is a QEI?

A QEI is a Qualified Elevator Inspector. Individuals who hold this designation have gone through a background check, training and examination process. These qualifications must be maintained based on the ASME QEI-1 Standard.  In Pennsylvania however, in addition to QEI, the inspector must be UCC certified and licensed.

How to request service?

Simply email us at services@apex-inspect.com or use our Contact Us page email form. Include your name, address and contact information and we will coordinate the visit with you!

What area does Apex service?

While mainly focused in Pennsylvania and Delaware, we are available to provide service in the Northeastern part of the US.

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